Award Winning Filmmaker, Event Producer and Best Selling Author, Challenger was born and raised in the artistic city of Montreal where he developed his passion for the arts. Michael earned his first ‘big break’ at the young of age 13, winning a national competition from MTV MuchMusic.

Later work opportunities allowed Michael to get international exposure in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Genoa. During his time in Los Angeles, he enrolled in The New York Film Academy where he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2012.

 His previous film work includes “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE”, a provoking story that won the Best Shorts Winner, The Award of Excellence, Best Direction at the Best Shorts Competition in L.A. 2013. His passion for the limelight was fulfilled when performing for major broadway internationally acclaimed musicals including CHICAGO, THE LION KING, and THE PRODUCERS.

Michael is not only an artist by nature but he is also the founder of ANU Entertainment and Optimal living summit, Toronto´s first health and wellness agency.

Optimal Living Summit

Welcome to Optimal Living Summit Toronto's First Health and Wellness Agency Improve your mind, health, fitness, nutrition, finances, and leadership skills.

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