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Leon Ford Jr. returns home from Morehouse College to visit his family. When his father and mother find out about his deep secret, a series of unexpected events take place in their home. Leon and his father have a man to man discussion that potentially breaks the solid bond between father and son.

Runtime: 17:46 min.
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  •  Best Shorts Competition
  •  Los AngelesAward of Excellence
  • Best shorts winner
  • Best Direction Oakland Film festival 
  • Best Jury Award
  • Best Overall ShortThe Indie Fest
  • Award of Excellence
  • Best Direction Melbourne Independant Film Fest
  • Nominated for best direction Laughlin Film Fes
  • Best Shorts Competition Pittsburgh Film Festival


  • Roxbury International Film Festival
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival
  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • Peachtree Village
  • InternationalMelbourne Independant Film Festival
  • The Indie Film Festiva
  • lHolly Short Film Fest 
  • St. Louis Film Festival
  • Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles
  • Palm Spring international 



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